The oceans cover two thirds of our planet, yet mankind is only starting to explore the world beneath the waves. By recreating natural habitats, the Hunstanton SEA LIFE renders this amazing underwater kingdom available for all to experience.

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Long Horned Cow Fish Crocs!! Northern Sea Nettles
Octopus Sharks Lionfish
Rain Forest Ranger Rain Forest Ranger Rain Forest Ranger
Axolotls Skunk Cleaner Shrimp Spiny Lobster Coalfish Tomato Clownfish
Magnificent Foxface Moon Jellyfish Lionfish Ocean Tank Lumpsuckers or lumpfish
Cane Toads Leaf-cutter Ants Bearded Dragon Alan - The Lizard African Land Snail
Blue Blubber Jellyfish Clown Fish Porcupine Puffer fish Ernie - Turtle Black tip reef shark
Ernie and Noal, Green Sea Turtles Sharks Emperor Snapper Long Horned Cow Fish Lined Seahorse
Aquarium Aquarium Aquarium Aquarium Aquarium
Clown Fish Seahorses Sun Star Aquarium Caiman Crocodiles
Giant Japanese Spider Crab Puffer Fish Painted Lobster Flounder Topknot
Green Turtle Green Turtle Green Turtle Green Turtle Green Turtle
Seahorses Guitar Shark Pacu Bonnetheads Ray
Camian Crocodiles Long Horned Cow Fish Madeira Fish Discovery Pool Discovery Pool
Albino Pangasius Crawfish (Palinurus vulgaris) baby Cuttlefish 7 arm star fish Frontosa
Octopus Lionfish Discovery Pools Scary monster Lake Malawi and lake Tanganyika Cichlids
Grey Mullet Juvenile Axolotl Wolf Fish Puffer Fish Tiger Shovelnose Catfish
Shark Suckermouth Catfish Shark and Ray Hatchery Tompool Bleeny Cuckoo Wrasse
Royal Panaque Bass Lesser spotted dogfish Scary Monster Undulate Ray
Juvenile Bamboo Shark (Chiloscyllium punctatum) It's Nemo, a Clownfish Shark eggcases Brown banded bamboo Sharks Wrasse
Pacu tank Jelly Fish Thornback Ray Sterlet Axolotl
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