Rainforest Ranger

Ever wanted to touch a snake, or how about holding a giant millipede? Well now you can! Come along and meet the new creepy crawly creatures, and hold them if you dare!
Meet the Creatures!

The friendly Rainforest Rangers are ready to show you some of the jungle beasties, lizards and creepy crawlies at the daily handling sessions!

Just click here to see a selection of photos of some of the creatures in the Rainforest on our Flickr account.
Rainforest Ranger
Rainforest Ranger Amazing Creatures!

Discover the almighty leaf cutting ants as they forage for leaves and explore their surroundings.

These incredible creatures can lift up to twenty times their own body weight!
Those with a Phobia?

For those of you who have a phobia of Snakes (no photos on this website or in our Flicker account) don´t worry they are kept inside the "Rainforest Rangers" room.

When you arrive at the SEA LIFE Sanctuary, just ask the lovely staff at the front of house desk which area to avoid, then you can relax and enjoy your visit.

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