Our Seals

Welcome to the Resident Common Seals (also known as Harbour Seals) enclosure, where you can view Amber, Callie, Lora, Macey, Pippa and Sally exploring, playing and feeding, through a large underwater viewing window and from above without disturbing them.
The Common Seals are smaller than Grey Seals and their coats are more extensively spotted. Their facial features are also different, with snub noses and nostrils that form a "V" shape. Common Seals prefer hauling out on sand banks and gently shelving rocky, shingle or sandy beaches.

The Common Seals are found on both sides of the North Atlantic and on the Eastern seaboard of the North Pacific.   The British population is distributed mainly in the Wash, the major Scottish estuaries, the Scottish islands and West Coast, and the West Coast of Ireland. Occasionally they are found off the Cornish coast. Click here to find out more about Common Seals.
Common seals resting
We must not forget Pendle, Tyne, Silver, Tornado, Miley and Stevie who used to be Residents at the Hunstanton SEA LIFE.

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