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Rosy future for Rosie the Giant Gourami

Rosie the Giant Gourami has become the latest refugee to take up residence in the aptly named ´Waifs and Strays´ display at Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary.

Rosie, so called because of her pinkish cheeks, is an impressive two feet long and had become a bit of a problem for her original owner in Wisbech...who kept her in a four foot fish tank.

Wisbech Fish Rescue, an organisation set up for just such emergencies, knew just who to call.

Hailing from freshwater lakes and rivers in India, Giant Gouramis thrive on a diet of fruit and vegetables, but are renowned for eating just about anything.

So the Hunstanton SEA LIFE team were not unduly surprised to learn that Rosie´s favourite treat is a tasty dog biscuit.

´She´s a spectacular fish, and has settled in really well with our other refugees in a tank more than big enough for all of them´, said Sanctuary boss Nigel Croasdale.

´She still has about another foot of growing to do, however, so we´ll be sure to get in a good stock of dog biscuits.´

Nigel and his colleagues suspect Rosie was originally purchased as a two-or-three inch tiddler about 10 years old.

´People sometimes buy young tropical fish without realising just how large they will grow,´ said Nigel. ´They can end up being a real problem for their owners, and we´re pleased when our Waifs and Strays feature can provide a happy solution.´

For more details contact: Nigel Croasdale on 01485 533576.

Press Release date: 14th February 2006

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