Seal influx prompts appeal by Sanctuary SEAL INFLUX PROMPTS APPEAL BY SANCTUARY
Human interference is suspected as the probable reason why three seal pups had to be taken into care at Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary in the space of four days... More>>
Creatures that time forgot born at the SEA LIFE Sanctuary CREATURES THAT TIME FORGOT BORN AT THE SEA LIFE SANCTUARY
A strange creature that never truly grows up has taken centre stage at the SEA LIFE Sanctuary in Hunstanton. Biologists at the centre have successfully hatched out... More>>
Shark in a baby bottle SHARK IN A BABY BOTTLE
A miniature baby bottle has been turned into an artificial incubator for a premature baby shark. Staff at Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary feared the worst when a baby shark popped out of its protective egg-case at least two months too early... More>>
Blind and injured seal washes up on Sanctuary doorstep BLIND AND INJURED SEAL WASHES UP ON SANCTUARY DOORSTEP
A blind and desperately sick seal hauled itself out of the North Sea onto a boatyard slipway...just yards from a busy seal rescue centre. The two-year-old grey seal´s amazingly fortunate choice for... More>>
No Flu jabs for Penguins NO FLU JABS FOR PENGUINS
Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary is unable to protect its resident penguins against avian flu...even though those at a sister attraction in Belgium were vaccinated last week. Staff are angry and frustrated that no protective vaccine is yet available to... More>>
Rosy future for Rosie the Giant Gourami ROSY FUTURE FOR ROSIE THE GIANT GOURAMI
Rosie the Giant Gourami has become the latest refugee to take up residence in the aptly named ´Waifs and Strays´ display at Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary. Rosie, so called because of her pinkish cheeks... More>>


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