Tuppence - Exmoor Pony
Born in 1995 and passed away in 2022

Favourite Food : Apples, Pony Nuts

Likes : Scratching posts, she gets itchy due to an allergy

Amazing Fact : Exmoor Ponies have a "Snow-Chute" where the hair splays outwards towards the dock channelling water away from the belly.
Tuppence Tuppence, a little Exmoor Mare, was brought to the Sanctuary as a 10 month old foal. She was rescued from a dealer who was going to send her to the market for meat. She had been badly treated, suffered from malnutrition and was full of worms and lice.

Terrified of humans, Tuppence took three months before anyone could touch her. Hours of patience paid off and she is now a very friendly pony who is always the first to arrive at feed times.
Exmoor ponies are classed as a rare breed with the breeding population at less than 250.

Native to the UK, Exmoors it was found through research, are the surviving representatives of Britain´s wild ponies which arrived here around 130,000 years ago.

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