Fingal and Sula

Otter Creek was officially opened in 2002 by Terry Nutkins. A spacious and spectacular Otter sanctuary with underwater viewing, allowing you to witness their graceful swimming up close.
Sula who sadly passed away on 4th December 2007 and Fingal moved to Isle of Wight on 29th March 2009, were the Sanctuary´s residents for many years.

Sula and Fingal were refugees from an overcrowded colony at an Essex wildlife park, helped to raise awareness of conservation efforts on behalf of those native Otters.
Fingal and Sula
Fingal and Sula playing in the snow The facility with its own holt, deep diving pool, streams and shallower pools has plenty to keep the two Otters occupied.

In 2002 their arrival was part of a National SEA LIFE campaign to raise awareness of conservation needs and endeavours relating to our native European Otters...happily now making a strong comeback after decades of decline.
Click here to read Fingal´s press release "the AWOL Otter is Recaptured"

On 29th March 2009 we said a fond farewell to Fingal, he was moved down to the Isle of Wight to start a new life.