Steve - Pygmy Goat
Steve, the Pygmy Goat Steve was born in 2008. He was smaller than normal goats. He was extremely friendly from the moment he arrived at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary and had made friends with every animal and every member of staff. Always the first to greet anyone, Steve especially enjoyed having his head scratched.

His favourite food was grass and brambles. Steve used to like to jump on his log to make himself look bigger.

Sadly he passed away on 28th January 2021.
Tamara Cooper, the Sanctuary´s Curator said "Steve has been a friendly fixture in our paddock area since 2010 when he arrived with his partner in crime Andrew.

At just 18 months old they were into everything and always up to mischief and this along with their inquisitive nature made Steve and Andrew an instant hit with the team as well as our guests."
Stevie and Andrew in 2010
Dennis, Marvin, Bertie and Arnie with Steve After Andrew passed away in 2014, Steve was left alone so the search began to find him some new friends. In trotted 4 boisterous Pygmy Goats Dennis, Marvin, Bertie and Arnie.

By this time, Steve would have already been considered in his twilight years and he could potentially have lost his crown. But Steve rose to the challenge and immediately put the four boys in their place with a little help from his horns! Ever since then he has continued to reign over the paddocks with assured confidence.
As Steve was aging the team noticed that he was beginning to lose condition and struggled to eat enough to put on weight, so local vets at Head & Head Veterinary Centre were called in to provide regular health checks and a feeding plan to ensure everything was done to keep the old boy as comfortable as possible in his old age. Stevie
Stevie enjoying his walk around the sanctuary Even at the impressive age of 12 years old Steve still enjoyed taking a walk around the Sanctuary with the team, and leading the boys out to browse the hedgerows around the paddocks.
The team also provided him with a little waterproof jacket to keep him warm, and a re-purposed child´s wendy house that was used as his own personal feeding station! Stevie's Wendy House
Stevie enjoying his walk around the sanctuary Jana Sirova, the Sanctuary´s General Manager said "When Steve finally passed away, he left with dignity and absolute love and respect from the team and his paddock mates."

"Our old friend Steve, you will be sorely missed."

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