Seahorse The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary opened a stud farm for seahorses on 8th April 2004. The National Seahorse Breeding and Conservation Centre hopes to successfully breed and rear four species of seahorse. The laboratory-style facility houses six large tanks, with additional smaller tanks used for cultivating adult brine shrimp, one of the many micro-organisms that seahorses feed on.
The objective is to provide stock for educational seahorse exhibitions at SEA LIFE attractions right across Europe, and also plan to share the knowledge they gain with other aquariums worldwide to help ease the pressure on wild stocks.

The SEA LIFE network has pioneered seahorse breeding and rearing since making a dramatic breakthrough with spiny seahorses in 1985.
The Scottish Seahorse Breeding and Conservation Centre marks a significant expansion of a breeding programme which could provide a vital last lifeline for one of the most endearing creatures in our oceans.

This is currently being refurbished; completion date to be confirmed.
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