Rocky - Californian Sea Lion (1987 - 2009)

Sadly on the 1st April 2009, our beloved Rocky passed away peacefully in his sleep.

Since his arrival at the Sanctuary in the early nineties Rocky had been one of the Sanctuary´s most popular residents, with both visitors and staff.

Although completely blind at five months old, Rocky had no problems finding his fish at feeding times, and thoroughly enjoyed the treats of conger eel and ice blocks, given to him by the Animal Care Team.
Rocky, a male Californian Sea Lion
In 2008, Rocky moved in with our Patagonian Sea Lion Boadicea. The company was just what he needed, and Rocky fell head over flippers in love. From that day on these two became in-separable; Boadicea would even move out of the way for Rocky when they where swimming together.

The Animal Care Team will dearly miss Rocky´s impressive bark, signaling the start of breeding season. The unique bond between Rocky and the Animal Care Team was evident from the love and trust that was shown between Rocky and his carers. He will be missed by everyone who knew him, and who had the pleasure of working with him over the years.

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