[How Can You Help Protect Otters?]
You Can Help In Many Ways!

  • Tell people about otters and why they are important

  • Help in a national survey of otters

  • Respect an otter´s habitat and do not leave litter

  • Help raise funds for conservation groups

  • Sponsor resident or rehabilitated otters
Lewis and Isla

SEA LIFE Centres are helping to ensure the survival of these wonderful animals by creating awareness of their plight.

If you sponsor one of the otters, your money will help fund vital research needed to conserve the native otters.

The International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF) works to conserve otters by protecting good habitat and supporting research and rehabilitation of injured and sick otters.

IOSF have set up the Otter Watch project to co-ordinate live and dead otter sightings. European otter populations declined by 95% in parts of Britain in the 20th century. Now there are signs that otters are returning and they need your help to see if this comeback is being successful.

If you have seen an otter, you can fill in an "Otter Watch" form on-line at the IOSF website (www.otter.org).

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