Shunned Seal Finds Affection at Sanctuary
A common seal shunned by his own kind has finally found the affection he craves at The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary.

Problem seal Brendan has moved into the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary at Oban, where resident female Lora appears totally smitten by him.

Abandoned days after birth Brendan was rescued by an Irish seal sanctuary where unfortunately, he grew too accustomed to human kindness.
After six months he was transferred to a facility in the UK, and released into the North Sea in May 2010.

″He was soon in trouble again,″ said Sanctuary boss Alistair Law.

″He had clearly failed to integrate with other wild seals, and ended up begging fish from a sympathetic fisherman.

″Within a month he washed up half-starved and when a rescue team arrived to collect him he was being cradled in a woman's arms on the beach.″

Brendan soon gained strength and stamina again with the help of the animal care team at Scarborough SEA LIFE Sanctuary, but staff there noted that unlike other rescued pups he failed to bond at all with the resident adults.

″It was beginning to look like Brendan considered himself more human than seal, but Lora has changed all that in an instant,″ said Alastair.

″She was born here in 2007 and is a couple of years Brendan´s senior, but they hit it off from the word go.″ Having been released into the wild unsuccessfully once, he carers are reluctant to take the risk of a second attempt.

″Happily, you only have to watch him with Lora for a few minutes to realise that he would not want to be anywhere else,″ said Alastair.
Issued by The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Alastair Law on 01631 720386
Press Release date: 24th February 2011