Haggis, neaps and spratties?
Our Otters celebrate Burns Night with fish haggis
The haggis might smell a bit peculiar at Oban SEA LIFE Sanctuary Burns Night celebrations this 25th January 2011, but don´t blame the chef - it´s fish Haggis for the otters.

SEA LIFE Sanctuary staff have devised a special blend of nutrient rich haggis so their two resident Otters can join in Burns Night celebrations this Tuesday 25th January 2011.
Alastair Law, Operations Manager at the Oban SEA LIFE Sanctuary, says: ″With all Scotland looking forward to haggis, neaps and tatties this Tuesday, we didn´t see why our otters Isla and Lewis should miss out on all the fun, so we have made them their very own fish filled haggis.″

″Isla and Lewis have lived at Oban SEA LIFE Sanctuary for two years now, and we are constantly looking for new ways to keep them healthy and entertained.″

″The fish haggis isn´t only a fun new treat for the otters, the recipe is jam packed with nutrients to keep their immune systems up and keep them healthy in the long winter months.″

The recipe includes peanuts to help keep the otters´ teeth clean, plenty of trout, a staple vitamin rich food which otters would also eat in the wild, and raw beef.

In the wild, otters energetically hunt and eat red meat equivalent to 70 large raw beef burgers per otter per day. Raw chicken and vitamin powder has also been added to the mix to ensure optimum otter nutrition.

The otters will be fed the fish filled haggis filled with all their favourite fishy bits during their feeding times at 11am and 3pm on the 25th January.

For visitors wanting to join in the Burns Night celebrations, a non-fish haggis option will be available in the SEA LIFE coffee shop.
Issued by The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Alastair Law on 01631 720386
Press Release date: 24th January 2011