Pandas and Seals in Food Swap
A spot of heavy gardening in the grounds of the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary in Oban is set to provide a surprise benefit for the star residents of Edinburgh Zoo.

SEA LIFE staff are in the midst of a major tidy-up of the landscaping between their various buildings, and wanted to clear a large area of bamboo that has been flourishing untouched for years.
And that is good news for the Zoo´s two pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang, as it is set to provide them with a bumper crop of their favourite food.

Sanctuary operations manager Alastair Law gave the Zoo a ring ´on the off-chance´ to see if the bamboo would be of interest, and the call proved a beneficial one for both parties.

"It turned out they have 17 boxes of frozen herring that they no longer need, so our resident seals will also be getting a couple of month's worth of free food into the bargain," said Alastair.
Macey and Pippa The food swap could not be more timely for the Oban attraction, which has just welcomed two new resident common seals Pippa and Macey (photos left) to join five-year-old resident Lora (photo above).

Both pups were rescued by a sister attraction in Hunstanton earlier this year, but both have a permanent thyroid condition and will need regular medication for the rest of their lives.
The harvested bamboo will actually only provide meals for a couple of days for the ravenous pandas, but will be nonetheless valuable according to their keeper George Corr.

"We get two deliveries of bamboo per week from Holland, but Tian Tian and Yang Guang will no doubt enjoy the Oban bamboo even more as it will be a tiny bit fresher," he said.

George drove over on Tuesday (October 9th) to assist in the harvesting himself and drop off the herring, which the zoo no longer needs because its last resident sea lion moved recently to a new home in Poland.
Issued by The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Alastair Law on 01631 720386
Press Release date: 9th October 2012