New Home Found for
John, Paul, George and Ringo
The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary has stepped in to provide a luxurious new home for the four American turtles found abandoned last week in West Lothian.

The four Mississippi map turtles were discovered in a bucket at Broxburn as temperatures plummeted below zero. Luckily they were rescued in the nick of time by the Scottish SPCA and taken to the SPCA centre in Belerno, Edinburgh.
Mississippi map turtles
As luck would have it the SEA LIFE Centre in Oban launched a special freshwater turtle sanctuary just last summer, with heated tanks specially designed for species like the Mississippi map turtles.
Mississippi map turtles "In fact we have several map turtles already, and were more than happy to make a little extra room for John, Paul, George and Ringo," said general manager Craig Connor.

The fab four will spend a few days acclimatising in their own behind-the-scenes quarantine tank before joining the other map turtles on display to the visiting public.
"One of the reasons we launched our turtle sanctuary was because of the increasing frequency of turtles and terrapins being abandoned," said Craig.
"The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles started the pet turtle craze, and unfortunately people buy cute little baby turtles from pet shops without realising just how big they can grow, or how much care they need."

Along with similar facilities at the Birmingham and Weymouth SEA LIFE centres, and another soon to open in Blackpool, the Oban sanctuary is also linked to an international stud book.
Mississippi map turtles
"Data on all the mature breeding turtles in our collections is registered with the stud book, so that exchanges can be made from time to time to ensure healthy and genetically sound off-spring," said Craig.

"Some species are badly depleted in the wild, which is why it´s important to maintain healthy captive stock lest reintroductions become necessary in the future."
Issued by The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Craig Connor on 01631 720386
Press Release date: 21st February 2012