Pup Lora delights SEA LIFE Visitors

A new arrival is stealing all the limelight at the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary...a new born common seal pup christened Lora.

Lora appeared overnight, the 10th pup successfully delivered by mum Gigha.

As our picture shows, mother and pup have bonded beautifully and both are doing fine.

"Lora is a healthy little girl and a bundle of fun," said displays supervisor Tina Houchin. "She's feeding well and curious about everything around her."
Gigha with her pup Lora
Gigha chased Lora's dad Lorne away from the pup for the first few hours after her birth, but now she's bonded with him too and the three seals seem a content and happy family.

They will have the Sanctuary's outdoor pools to themselves for several more weeks at least, but could eventually be joined by three rescued common seal pups currently being cared for in the indoor nursery pool.

For more details, Please contact: Alex Blackman on 01631 720386.

Press Release date: 1st August 2007

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