Breed : Miniature South Downs Sheep

Lived : 2009 - 2019

Favourite Food : Grass, Hay, Bread and Jam

Liked : Stealing the Pygmy Goats´ breakfast when they are not looking and sunbathing.

Miniature South Downs Sheep breed is often called "baby doll sheep" due to their small size and cuddly appearance.
Patrick came to the Sanctuary in 2010 at just one year old. When he arrived with Florence, they shared a field with the large sheep but unfortunately Bella didn´t take too kindly to them being in her field, we moved them in with the goats that are a similar size. They get on very well with the goats and can be seen sharing their food with them.

Patrick was slightly bigger than Florence and has a blue collar. He was very protective of her and they stay very close.

Patrick sadly passed away in May 2019. He had a great life at the Seal Sanctuary.

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