Welcome to the Asian Short-Clawed Otters enclosure, where you can view Summer and Twix, Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary´s resident Otters exploring, playing and feeding, through large viewing windows, and from above without disturbing them.
Otters are found on every continent except Australia and Antarctica. They were once common but have become quite rare in many parts of the world.

The British Otter is known as the Eurasian Otter - so named because they are found from the west coast of Ireland to Japan. Like other species of otter world - wide, our native otter has seen its numbers decline for a variety of reasons over past decades.

Loss of habitat, pollution, recreational disturbance, tourism and hunting have all contributed to the decline.
Our Otters During the late 1950´s following the introduction of new and more powerful agricultural pesticides, our native otter population went into rapid decline. One of the Otters
It is only very recently that the otter population in Britain has started to show signs of recovery through protective legislation and conservation programmes to reintroduce this beautiful creature back into the wild.
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