Seals in the Wild

During the pupping season in the UK, if you are visiting the coast around Scotland, you may well see newborn pups, can we remind you that the pups may look cute, but they have sharp teeth that carry harmful bacterial.

They can also be easily disturbed and lose their mum, so please keep your distance and help look after our wonderful marine life!
Mum and pup in the wild
Whitecoat Seal Pup If you discover a seal pup that is in distress or alone, do not approach or touch it, the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary on 01631 720386 or your nearest SSPCA or RSPCA Officer.

DO keep your distance;
DON´T attempt to handle the pup;
DON´T attempt to put the pup in the sea;
DON´T ignore the situation;
DO tell the appropriate organisation.
Wherever you live around the world, check out your nearest rescue organisation.

Be ready to get help when you discover an injured animal.
Whitecoat Seal Pup

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