[News Update]

Winter 2010 Winter 2010/11
Over winter we are having a big move around of the animals to accommodate amazing new creatures and make exciting new displays. Such animals as Axolotls, Upside down jellyfish and African clawed frogs have already made the sanctuary their new home... More>>
June 2010 June 2010
At the launch of the Oban Passport tourism scheme earlier this month. Gareth Hanniman showed off some of our inhabitants including the common spider crab, a creature which boasts long legs which are used to ward off predators... More>>
May 2010 May 2010
This month saw the arrival here at the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary of Heidi and Hilda, a hefty two metres long each and growing fast, are the biggest flatfish ever to be seen at a British Aquarium... More>>
April 2010 April 2010
One of our Aquarium Assistants, Hannah Thomas, was carrying out her normal duties and feeding the giant Pacific Octopus Arnie, when he grabbed her... More>>
February 2010 February 2010
As part of the refurbishing of the sanctuary, our 'Claws' section has been transformed into a turtle display. Gordie, our Snapping turtle was named after Gordon Brown as they both have grumpy personalities... More>>