[News Update]

November 2009 November 2009
It has been very quiet here at the Sanctuary over November 2009. However, there have been many changes going on within the aquarium...More>>
September/October 2009 September/October 2009
The 26-year-old's triumph over adversity reached a peak in September when our SEA LIFE girl, Karen Richmond, met her childhood idol Terry Nutkins, veteran wildlife presenter best known from "The Really Wild Show"...More>>
August 2009 August 2009
We have had both Juvenile Bass and Grey Mullet delivered, we were also lucky enough to be donated a rare electric blue Lobster by a Scottish Fisherman...More>>
July 2009 July 2009
Otter creek has undergone some big changes this month. The divide through the enclosure has been removed giving Isla and Lewis the chance to roam through all the pools and the undergrowth for the first time...More>>
June 2009 June 2009
During the weekend of 20th and 21st of June 2009, we celebrated our 30th Anniversary. The centre was originally opened in 1979, the year when Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister ...More>>
April/May 2009 April/May 2009
On 7th May 2009 Thomas and Sean were released back into the wild close to Seil Island, a few miles off the Scottish west coast. STV news filmed the release...More>>
February/March 2009 February/March 2009
On Sunday 29th March 2009 we will be saying a fond farewell to both Fingal and Coll. Fingal is being moved down to the Isle of Wight and Coll to the Netherlands to start their new lives. Also three seal pups rescued in 2008 have been released back into the wild...More>>
December 2008/January 2009 December 2008/January 2009
Fingal is recovering well from his small adventure. The animal care team are slowly starting his target training again which is going well. Fingal now has three new friends in one half of the enclosure who joined him for a wildlife park in Essex...More>>