At a very early age in my life I decided that I wanted a career involving working with fish. After I completed my degree in Fish Farming and Fishery Management I began my career with SEA-LIFE.

I joined the company in 1990 working at the Blackpool SEA LIFE Centre, and have worked at Scarborough and Great Yarmouth SEA LIFE before arriving at the Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary in 1995. The most rewarding parts of the job are seeing all of the animals being rescued and cared for and also seeing members of staff developing their own careers here at the Sanctuary.

My advice to anyone wishing to pursue a career with animals is perseverance. Opportunities in this field are few and far between, so if at first you don´t succeed in finding suitable employment don´t give up, it may take time and some determination, but if that is your dream then continue to pursue it.

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