BECKHAM was rescued on 26th February 2002
Beckham, a rescued pup Beckham was rescued on the 26th February 2002 from The Cove, Mousehole. He was approximately 16 weeks old when we picked him up and weighed 23kg. Beckham was malnourished, had swellings to his front and rear flippers, and was quiet and lethargic with marked breathing. Beckham, a rescued pup
Beckham is now eating fish without help, he is being treated with antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, respiratory treatment and eye drops. He is still a quiet pup, but his swelling has been reduced in size.

BUTTER was rescued on 6th February 2002
Butter, a rescued pupButter was rescued from Portreath on the 6th February 2002. She was approximately 14 weeks old and weighed 20 kilos when rescued. We found Butter hauled out on the rocks with a large netting injury around her neck. We believe that Butter must have swum into a length of monofilament fishing line when she was much smaller and got a section entangled around her neck. Butter, a rescued pup
As Butter learnt to feed for herself and began to put on weight, the netting would have got tighter cutting into her neck.

The size and depth of the wound suggested that the netting had been around Butter´s neck for sometime and she will have lost body condition because of the injury. We immediately cut the netting away from her neck to relieve some of the discomfort before transporting her back to the hospital.

Understandably, Butter was in a lot of pain when she first arrived at the sanctuary and was extremely aggressive whenever we tried to approach her. On close inspection we also found that Butter´s eyes were ulcerated. She was put straight onto a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to ease the pain and help fight any infections; her eyes were topically treated with antibiotic eye drops. It was essential that the wound around Butter´s neck was cleaned thoroughly twice a day and sprayed with blue antibiotic spray to ensure it healed properly.

Butter made steady progress in the hospital but finally received the ´all clear´ from our vet on the 20th March 2002, and was moved down to the nursery pools to begin her next stage of rehabilitation. She has a large scar still visible around her neck, although it has healed extremely well.

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DAB was rescued on 2nd February 2002
Dab was rescued from Penberth on the 2nd February 2002. She was approximately 10 weeks old and weighed 17.5 kilos when rescued.
Dab, a rescued pup When Dab first arrived at the hospital we treated her for an ulcerated eye, and we needed to get some weight on her. Unfortunately despite extensive treatment Dab developed a nasty melting ulcer in her eye which required immediate surgical attention in order to save the eye. An antibiotic solution, and then sewing the top eye-lid and the third eye-lid together to provide protection. Dab´s eye required further treatment with antibiotic eye drops and she was put on a course of antibiotics and pain relievers.
She made good progress in the hospital and although her eye still looked a little red and swollen there is no sign of infection. She is now in the convalescence pool.

Update: 7th November 2012 - Dab was seen at a haul-out in the wild along the coast of Wales on 6th September 2011 by David Boyle, she looked heavily pregnant.

Dab has also been spotted in the wild on 5th November 2012.