MIKA (April 2003 - April 2008)
Mika, our resident Fur Seal
Mika passed away sometime on the 3rd April 2008; she had a big personality for such a small seal and will be missed by all.

Mika, a South African Cape Fur Seal was born in April 2003 at Coombe Martin Wildlife Park in Devon. In 2006 Mika along with her partner Chaff were re-homed at the National Seal Sanctuary.

She loved the attention she received from Chaff and they both settled in well at the Sanctuary, she was a favourite with both the staff and visitors. Mika was the youngest and smallest resident at the Sanctuary, but with a big appetite, her favourite food was squid and conger eel.

Mika would like to show off to the Animal Care Team and visitors by doing her impression of a shark, in the hope of receiving extra fish.

Click here to see some memorable photos of Mika.

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