Mick Jagger was rescued on 20th January 2013
Gender : Male

Location of Rescue : Hayle, St Ives Bay

Age at Rescue : 16 weeks

Weight at Rescue : 25kgs

Reason for Rescue : High temperature. Cuts and abrasions. Jaw very inflamed. Also lots of mucus and some respiratory discomfort.
Photo of Mick Jagger was taken by Sue Sayer a member of the Cornwall Seal Group
The photo above was taken by Sue Sayer of the Cornwall Seal Group.
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Mick Jagger Update - 23rd February 2013 : Mick has been moved to the outdoor pools for his next stage of rehabilitation and to learn how to compete for fish with the other seals.

His flipper tag number is 130 (red).

Update - 3rd March 2013 : Photo left of Mick was taken on 1st March 2013 in the convalescent pool, as you can see he is putting on lots of weight.

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Update - 1st May 2013 : Mick is still in the convalescent pool and is still continuing to put on weight, he currently weighs 29kgs.

Photo right : The pups are trying to get the fish out of the ice block.
A fishy ice block
Seal Release Update - 1st June 2013 : Mick Jagger along with Elvis, Arnold, Travis and Fiona Bruce were released back to the wild on 30th May 2013 at Gwithian.

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Photo left was taken by Photographer Simon Bone.

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