Sanctuary loses an old friend

Magnus was the World´s Oldest Grey Seal and in January 2008 celebrated his 40th birthday. Magnus was given a home at the Sanctuary in 1990 and was very happy in the pool. Magnus had a long term girlfriend at the Sanctuary, Fatima, and every winter during the breeding season, these two could be found cuddled up together on the side of the pool.

Magnus and Fatima were never blessed with pups, but while Magnus was housed in Scotland he did father 9 pups, and in 2004 Snoopy joined her dad at the Seal Sanctuary.
Feeding time was always at the top of Magnus´s agenda and he would wait by the gate for the Animal Care Team to come in to the enclosure so he was first inline for the fish. Magnus knew how to get the attention of the Animal Care Team by splashing his front flippers, most times soaking the Animal Care Team and visitors.

In the last few years Magnus started to lose his sight and his hearing, although we think his hearing was a little more selective and he just refused to answer us when we called his name.

There is a feeling of great loss to Sanctuary staff and visitors, this lively old character will be remembered long in to the future.

All the other residents in the Convalescent Pool knew something was up and seem to be missing the presence of Magnus, they went off their food for a few days, hopefully life will return to normal over the next few weeks.

Some memorable photos of Magnus   Some videos of Magnus   Magnus and his daughter

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