Lizzie, Female Grey Seal
Lizzie arrived at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary on 16th October 2001.

She was 25 years old, and came from the Dartmoor Wildlife Park, so she could have more suitable living conditions and companionship.

She has an infected flipper and cataracts on her eyes, but otherwise was in very good health considering her age.
On arrival Lizzie was placed in a pool on her own, to allow her time to adjust to her new surroundings.

She used to spend her days in the convalescent pool, with the other seals and pups, she had proved to be a loveable friendly seal, who loved to come to the pool edge when called by the visitors.
Lizzie It is with great sadness that the Cornish Seal Sanctuary have announced the sudden passing of Lizzie on 21st March 2017 who was aged 41.

Over the last few weeks and months Lizzie had enjoyed the breeding season shenanigans of the younger seals chasing each other around the pool. She had also just finished moulting but this moult had appeared to take it out of her.
She had lost a considerable amount of weight and was unable to regain condition despite the team´s best efforts to get her to eat more. The vet had prescribed precautionary treatment which she had willingly taken but with only slight improvement.

Lizzie passed away quickly with the team around her.

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