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Below you will find various links, including a great web site where you can find up-to-date information about our local seal colonies, a web site for The British Divers Marine Life Rescue, their teams are on standby to respond immediately to any marine disaster or marine mammal stranding anywhere in the UK, a web site where you can view stunning photos of the seals in Cornwall, a web site for The Cornwall Wildlife Trust which has been a registered charity since 1962 and unlike any other organisation is concerned solely with Cornwall and all aspects of the county´s wildlife and habitats, a web site for the local Veterinary Surgeons, a web site where you can hire boats, or take a Ferry on the beautiful Helford river...
Find out more about our local seal colonies in Cornwall British Divers Marine Life Rescue
See some great photos of seals Head and Head - Veterinary Surgeons
Protect our Seals Helford River Boats
Kennack Diving Cornwall Wildlife Trust logo
hvmca Secret World Wildlife Rescue
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