Paula who was 24 years of age died on 6th of February 2001.

A genuine seal rescue story: Paula was rescued 4 years ago by the RSPCA, who brought her to us. She weighed no more than a pup, and had a very bad ulcerated eye, she was also blind. No one thought she would survive. But thanks to the dedicated Animal Care Team and our then vet James Barnett; she recovered to live a contented life with Twiggy as her companion.

Sadly in February she was taken poorly and was found to have Meningitis from which she did not recover. Twiggy is missing her, and of course, we could not leave her on her own to grieve, so we have moved her into the Convalescence pool so she has got some company.

. . . . .Here is the last report on her before she died. . . . .

PAULA was rescued by the RSPCA in October 1997. When she arrived at the sanctuary she was so thin, weighing only 60kg, we expected her to be a pup. However, on closer inspection we realised she was actually in her late twenties. Paula had already lost the sight in one of her eyes a few years ago and then developed a serious ulcer and infection in her remaining eye. Without her sight we believe she was struggling to look after herself and she ended up completely debilitated after having her pup that winter.

Paula made a remarkable recovery and will now have a nice relaxing retirement at the Sanctuary. She is great company for Twiggy and also enjoys fish poles, using her hearing and sensitive whiskers to chase the fish around the pool. However, Paula´s favourite activity is pool cleaning when she chases the Animal Care Team around the pool and rolls over to have her belly hosed and tickled!