Ming, was one of our residents
Sadly on the 14th of October 2002 we lost our beloved Ming. Ming stood out from the other seals, because of his beautiful coat. He had been unwell for a few weeks and he had a heart attack, although the vet was on site attending to another seal, unfortunately they could not save him........below is his story as it appeared on the web site.

MING is a grey seal pup just under a year old who was rescued from the Isle of Mull in Scotland on the 19th October 1998. It was estimated that Ming ("smelly" in Scottish slang) was around 2½ weeks old when rescued; a white coated pup. It was believed that Ming had become trapped in a fishing cage off the coast and had been starved of oxygen. He also had severe infection in his mouth and gums.

Ming was nursed carefully back to health by the staff at the Oban Sealife centre who noted that he had problems with his kidneys and with his social behaviour!! Instead of being aggressive as a grey seal should, Ming was quiet and could be stroked and tickled. After being transported to Gweek, (his journey sponsored by Virgin Rail), he settled in very well, chasing his fish through the water and socializing with the other rescued pups awaiting release. Ming´s progress is being monitored closely as he may improve and become viable for release in the future.

It had been noticed that Ming was getting very fat and had started to loose his hair. Tests were run on his hormone systems and we have found that he has an underactive thyroid gland! This means that Ming´s metabolism is slow and he has a tendency to put on weight and be lethargic. After some discussions with the International Zoo Veterinary Group - who work with all 'exotic' species, some tablets were prescribed.