Seal Pup "Boo" Given a Permanent Home

A lovable seal pup with seriously impaired vision is to be given a permanent home at the Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary in Oban.

Common seal pup Boo was rescued in June last year when he was barely a week old and was very tiny.

"He had become separated from his mother and still had his umbilical cord attached," said aquarist Anna Price.
Thanks to dedicated round-the-clock care from Anna and her colleagues, Boo soon put on weight and gained strength and was able to join resident seals Lora, Pippa and Macey in the outdoor pools.

He appeared on course for a return to the wild in a month or two, until a veterinary inspection revealed that he is almost blind in one eye.

Even fully blind seals have been recorded in the wild, but experts believe these animals probably lost their sight gradually and learned to adapt.

"Our vet felt that in Boo´s case, his impaired sight could prove a fatal handicap, and recommended we give himn a permanent home," said Anna.

"We are sad he can´t go back to the wild, but he´s a real character and a firm favourite already with both staff and visitors, so given that he needs full time care we are more than happy to provide it."

Press Release issued by The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Kirsty Morrison on 01389 722440
Date: February 2015