The Seal of Approval - SEA LIFE Hunstanton Invests in new "Seal Pup Recovery Pool"

SEA LIFE Hunstanton has invested in a new seal pup recovery pool due to a significant increase in the number of baby seals that need rescuing along the Norfolk coast.
Seal Recovery Pool
SEA LIFE Hunstanton is home to a dedicated Seal Rescue Centre and Hospital. Since opening in 1989, the hospital has helped rescue and rehabilitate over 750 seals.
Seals in the wild
Over recent years, the number of seals needing the help of SEA LIFE Hunstanton has steadily increased year on year, to the point where the facilities needed to be improved to cope with the large numbers; three seals were rescued in 10 days alone since the start of June 2022.
The Wash, and the surrounding water areas along the Norfolk coast, are home to two species of seal, Common Seals and Grey Seals. Most of the seals that are rescued are young and vulnerable, often being separated from their mother.
Most seal pups rescued by the team are around 8-10kg in weight and range from a few hours to a few weeks old. At this age, seal pups would still feed from their mothers and require around the clock care.
Hunstanton Sea Life
After completing intensive care in the Seal Rescue Centre hospital the pups are moved outdoors to the new specialised pup recovery pool.

Here the pups remain in the care of the Animal Care Team, regaining muscle strength and body fat, learning swimming and diving skills, and gaining the ability to compete for food.
Hunstanton Sea Life
Nigel Croasdale, General Manager at SEA LIFE Hunstanton, said "We are proud of the work our Animal Care Team carries out to aid injured and vulnerable seals in our waters. The number of seals that require rescuing has increased dramatically in recent years, including three seals in the last 10 days alone."
Hunstanton Sea Life
"Thanks to our investment, we can now help even more seal pups and rehabilitate them into the wild. We tag all seals we look after so we can keep track of their integration back into the sea. Those we have treated in the past have even been spotted on French and German coasts, which demonstrates just how important our hospital is."
You can view a video demonstrating the work carried out by the Animal Care Team below:-
For further information, and to see the incredible work carried out by the SEA LIFE Hunstanton Seal Rescue Centre and Hospital, please visit the website via this link.

Press Release issued by the Hunstanton SEA LIFE
For more details please contact: Adam Makinson on 01485 533576
Date: 26th June 2022

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