Sudden Passing of our Beautiful Friend Apricot
It is with great sadness that the Cornish Seal Sanctuary announced the passing of the 16 year old female Asian Short-Clawed Otter Apricot.

Apricot was born at Hunstanton Sea Life Centre on 23rd July 2004, a year later moving to the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham with her sister Mango. They lived happily together for 10 years before they unexpectedly fell out in 2015 and Apricot was rehomed at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.
Apricot - In 2019
Apricot and Harris - May 2019 A few months later Apricot was joined by Harris a 5 year old male who had been rejected from his family group. After an anxious start Apricot and Harris hit it off and the pair of lonely hearts fell head over heels in love!

Tamara Cooper, the Sanctuary´s Curator said "They had five very contented years together but last year the animal care team noticed that Apricot was starting to slow down and had some small growths on her underside. She was taken to the vets to investigate further."
"The examination sadly confirmed the growths were in fact mammary tumours. The team were warned that the tumours were untreatable and, although her symptoms could be managed, her life expectancy would be greatly reduced." Apricot in 2015
Apricot in 2015 "The team were devastated with the news but a plan was drawn up with our veterinary team to make Apricot as comfortable as possible until the time came. Apricot defied all the vets´ expectation and lived comfortably for a further year and a half!

But sadly this week, with a worried Harris by her side, Apricot´s health deteriorated dramatically and it was clear to the team that the time had come to allow Apricot to peacefully pass away."
"Sometimes an animal comes into your life that makes an impact on everyone they meet - Apricot was one of those characters! She was confident, determined and clever, and excelled at all enrichment puzzles the team gave her, often having to show Harris how it was done!

She was certainly the boss in this pairing and it was not uncommon to hear or see Harris getting a telling off if he didn´t help make the bed properly! But more than this were the daily tender moments like when they were curled up together fast asleep, mutually grooming, or drinking from their pool Lady and the Tramp style!"
Harris (left) and Apricot (right)
Apricot and Harris Jana Sirova, the Sanctuary´s General Manager said "Apricot was small in body but huge in spirit, she will be greatly missed by all the team, and of course by her ever devoted Harris.

Otters pair for life so understandably Harris is very upset by the loss of Apricot. The team´s priority is now to Harris´ welfare, making sure he gets lots of extra attention and has everything he needs to help him adjust whilst we find the best possible solution for Harris´ future."

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