Penguins, the new feature for 2010

Godfrey, female Humboldt Penguin, was very friendly and quite sensible. She was often at the front of the queue at feeding time, shuffling closer and closer to the Animal Care Team to grab lots of tasty fish.

If Godfrey hasn´t had her fill, she made sure the team know she was hungry by sneaking up behind them and gently tapping their legs with her beak until she was given some more fish!
Godfrey - October 2017
New Penguin Couple Settle in at the Sanctuary Feathered friends, Godfrey and Waddles, joined the flock at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in December 2015.

The devoted pair were formerly part of a 20-bird colony at the Seaview Wildlife Encounter on the Isle of Wight, which has closed down after 44 years. Click here to read more.

Sadly Godfrey passed away in 2018.

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