[River Otters]

The River Otters are found throughout Alaska, Canada and the northern United States, and are hence named the North American River Otter. They are slightly larger than our native European otter and are probably the most numerous Otter species in the wild.

They live in a variety of habitats, but spend most of their time in or near streams, rivers, lakes and coastal marshes. Their diet is similar to European Otters, eating mainly fish, amphibians and crustaceans.
Isla telling Lewis to hold back
North American River Otters can be found alone or in pairs, but often socialise in larger groups. Litters of up to 5 cubs can be born each spring and are reared by the mother. The young Otters will stay with their mother for at least a year before they are finally ready to look for their own territory.
Lewis and Isla The Otters are excellent ambassadors to help SEA LIFE promote Otter conservation as they are more active during the day than our native European Otter.

Hopefully, with a better understanding of Otters and the dangers facing them, we can all do our bit to help the plight of our own native Otters and their relatives around the world.
Spotted!!! - There has been many spottings of a wild Otter over the years by the members of staff, while having a daily morning meeting there has been a sighting of an Otter twice in three days! The Sanctuary assume that it is the same Otter as it is frequenting the same area and hopefully it will keep returning for both staff and visitors to enjoy.

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