Sahara 2006 - 2010
SAHARA 2006 - 2010
We are devastated to tell you all that "Sahara", our Hooded seal, has passed away. He was only 4 years old but had probably travelled more miles on more modes of transport then any seal we´ll ever know!     Click here to read the press release.

Sahara´s health had never been what you would call "perfect". Rescued off the coast of Morrocco at 3 months old Sahara was completely bald and suffering from a lung infection. He was transferred to Gweek where he underwent his rehab and eventually grew back a full coat. Once ready for release he was fitted with a satellite tag and released off Orkney but unfortunately restranded a month later off the North coast of Spain, again suffering from a lung infection.

Sahara returned to Gweek as a resident and blood tests revealed he was suffering from hypothyroidism for which he began treatment for. Generally, his health was ok but suffered spells of ill health where he exhibited various symptoms for which he was treated. In the last 2 weeks Sahara had been on and off his food. Despite injections of long acting antibiotic over the past 2 weeks sadly Sahara passed away on Thursday 8th April 2010.

The preliminary post mortem report has found that abscess on the lung. Sahara´s amazing story inspired many people outside the sanctuary team and caught the imagination of people all over the world. So much has been learnt from Sahara and the adventures we have undertaken with him, but most of all, for all the team who adored him, it will be his fab, if a little confused, personality and individual ways that will be hugely missed.

Click here to read extracts from Sahara´s diary whilst he was temporarily staying here with us at the sanctuary from April to 9th October 2007.

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