Flipper, Male Grey Seal
Flipper FLIPPER, a male grey seal, was the very last seal pup to be kept on as a permanent resident because it couldn´t be released out into the wild.

Rescued in 1981, he had suffered some damage to the respiratory system due to coming into contact with some sort of pollution out in the wild.
He is always helpful when the Animal Care Team clean his pool out; he grabs the hose and instead of pointing it at the wall thinks it´s much more fun to point it at them! Flipper
Flipper and Yulelog It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of our beloved male grey seal Flipper on 23rd February 2017, at 36 years old, Flipper was the oldest male Grey seal at the Seal Sanctuary and shared his pool with best friend Yulelog as well as youngsters Marlin and Pumpkin.

The team affectionately called them the "Boys".

Flipper was one of the first seals at the Sanctuary to undergo cataract surgery in 2014.

The operation was a huge success and the team wept as they saw the realisation on Flipper´s face that he could see again for the first time in years.

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