The Sanctuary are very sad to report that on Thursday 9th April 2015 their beautiful elderly female Grey seal Fatima passed away peacefully in her sleep.

Fatima was a well-loved matriarch of the convalescent pool and although in her old age she was thought to be almost completely blind, there are countless stories from the Animal Care Team of Fatima somehow managing to get more than her fair share of the fish!
Fatima At 44 years old Fatima had seen it all and was rarely fazed by anything the team asked of her. Fatima was known to one of the oldest Grey Seals in captivity, but to the Animal Care Team, she will be remembered for her wicked sense of humour and her perfect combination of beauty and gentle and playful spirit.

There will only ever be one Fatima and she will be sorely missed!
Fatima was rescued as a pup in the early 1970s. She had suffered some really nasty head injuries from being bashed against rocks during stormy weather.

The scars all over her head and nose make her easily recognizable and show the severity of her injuries. It is thought that she suffered slight brain damage and she has always had problems with both of her eyes, requiring treatment from time to time.
Fatima, one of our residents
Fatima Over the last few years encroaching pigmentation on the scarring on Fatima´s eyes meant that she was gradually going blind.

She was a lovely seal, one of the Animal Care Team´s real favorites and she looks especially beautiful after the annual moult when she revealed her brand new silver and grey coat.

RIP Fatima.

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