SERENDIPITY 1981 - 2006

Serendipity who was born in 1981 was moved to the Sanctuary in 1989. On her first arriving at the Sanctuary, Dipsy, as she was affectionately called by all the staff, was a very shy Sea lion and didn´t have a lot of confidence. With gentle encouragement Dipsy started to come out of her shell, and became more confident over time.

Dipsy became very cheeky over the years and when the Animal Care Team cleaned the pool she would always try to help by grabbing the brooms and hose.

Over the last few months Serendipity has been doing husbandry training with our Animal Care Team. She enjoyed this very much, and was always keen to par take.

Serendipity was a much loved resident at the Sanctuary and will be sorely missed by her partner Carus and all the staff and visitors at Gweek.

Long term resident and partner to Carus, Serendipity passed away on 2nd of March 2006 at the Seal Sanctuary.
Photo was taken of Dipsy on Saturday 25th of February 2006 in Sea Lion CovePhoto was taken of Dipsy on Sunday 26th of February 2006 in Sea Lion Cove

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