It is our sad duty to inform all our supporters that Bamboo passed away. Bamboo suffered from epilepsy, and although not severe, the number of epileptic fits he had experienced had begun to increase over the course of the year.

On Tuesday morning 11th November 2008 the Animal Care Team came in to find that overnight Bamboo had had another fit, but worse then before. Bamboo´s movements were slow and his breathing was shallow and so he was rushed to the local vets. With his condition most likely to have suggested further complications, the very difficult decision was made to allow Bamboo to peacefully pass away.
Bamboo, in our new enclosure
Bamboo (male) was an Asian short-clawed otter (aonyx cinerea), he was born on 30th of October 2001 at the Weymouth Sea Life Park in Dorset. Weaned at the tender age of two months, he was taught by her parents, Johnny and Mo, to swim and feed. Once Bamboo became fully independent at seven months, he was brought to his brand new enclosure here at Gweek.
Bamboo and Thai Bamboo arrived here on 31st of May 2002 with his sister Thai, it was the first time that they had been separated from their parents for any length of time. Naturally, they were a bit timid at first. Bamboo, in particular, was reluctant to leave his transport kennel, and needed gentle persuasion to come out. Bamboo, however, quickly became extremely interested in his new surroundings, and within an hour or so he had explored every nook and cranny, and marked his territory with his scent. He was not as active as his sister! Initially, Thai would take food to the holt for Bamboo, but he has gained in confidence by the day, and now they find food for themselves.

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