The Aquarium has a dazzling array of multi-dimensional aquarium displays housing everything from shrimps and starfish to sharks and stingrays.


Almost all of the hundreds of sea creatures featured can be found beneath the lochs of the West Highlands or in the adjacent Atlantic.

Our Ray display The diversity is breathtaking. People emerge genuinely awed by the range and variety of our native marine fauna. Our Ray display

A large waist-high pool is home to a number of species of rays, all of them apparently as intrigued about their human admirers as the humans are about them, nosing the surface to stare them straight in the eye.


The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary opened a stud farm for Seahorses in 2004. The laboratory-style facility houses six large tanks, with additional smaller tanks used for cultivating adult brine shrimp, one of the many micro-organisms that Seahorses feed on. Click here to read more. This is currently being refurbished; completion date to be confirmed.

These are just a few of the delights to be discovered all undercover in The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary.

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