In early April 2015 the Animal Care Team noticed that Anneka, a resident female grey seal, was feeling a little poorly and moved her from the convalescent pool into the nursery pool until she felt better.

Anneka in nursery pool 3 in early April 2015 Unfortunately in late May 2015 the Seal Sanctuary are very sad to say that Anneka never improved and became weaker, a decision was made with the Animal Care Team and the local vet to put the lovely Anneka to sleep.

The post-mortem results was carried out showed that Anneka had suffered from cancer.

RIP Anneka, always in our hearts.
Anneka was named after "Anneka Rice" who had visited the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in 1983 as part of her Treasure Hunt programme.

The similarities were remarkable with the only difference being that Anneka the seal didn´t wear lycra leggings!

Anneka was brain damaged as a pup which was reflected in her behaviour - she was the liveliest of all the seals, whizzing around the convalescence pool all day and spinning around when she pops up out of the water.

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