Andy - Cape Fur Seal

Andy Andy was Chaff´s Dad, he arrived at the Sanctuary with Chaff in 2006 from Coombe Martin Wildlife Park, but only in July 2008 did he start to share a pool with his son at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

Andy was an impressive size at over 200kg and he loved to eat sprats, pilchards and mackerel.   Click here to read more.
It is with great sadness that the Cornish Seal Sanctuary announced the passing of their elderly fur seal Andy.

Andy had received surgery for a prolapse and although the procedure went well, he fell ill again on 9th September 2013.

After examining Andy, the Sanctuary´s consultant vets felt the kindest course of action was to allow him to quietly be put to sleep.
Andy Andy joined the sanctuary family in 2006 with quite a reputation!

From the day he arrived to the day he left, Andy could often be described as grumpy! But the animal care team saw beyond his grumpy exterior and adored him nonetheless!

After being offered a second chance at the sanctuary Andy took his responsibilities as the boss of his pool very seriously, always keeping his son Chaff on the straight and narrow. It didn´t matter how many fishy ice treats the team would put in their pool, Chaff was never going to be allowed to have one!
Whilst appearing rather stubborn at first, the animal care team soon began to see Andy´s softer side when he started to look like he was actually enjoying interacting with them during his daily training sessions.

It soon became clear that you could teach an old dog a new trick when, after two years of trying, the team finally got Andy to lie down on command! The team celebrated that night!!

Andy was a spirited fur seal who equally challenged and inspired the team. He epitomised what the sanctuary is all about - a second chance. He will be dearly missed by all who had the pleasure of working with him and all that admired him from afar.

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