Help to Protect our Seals!

The SEA LIFE Sanctuaries are supporting the efforts of the Seal Protection Action Group, Cornwall Seal Group and other organisations in a new Early Day Motion (EDM) that has recently been set up by Paddy Tipping MP.

The aim of the EDM (number 678) is to call for a review of the outdated and ambiguous Conservation of Seal Act 1970.
Common seals in the wild
For years marine conservationists have been campaigning for alterations to the Act and have it changed to a much more proactive version that will protect our internationally important populations of grey and harbour seals around the UK.

Currently they are threatened by issues such as pollution, climate change, depletion of prey species and deliberate killing (a recent incident in Shetland can be read about on this link).

It is hoped that by getting as many MPs as possible to sign up to the EDM that a significant step forward will be taken towards giving our seals a brighter future.

At time of writing, 125 MPs have already signed up, and we need your help to get more to do so, as the more there are supporting this then the more likely it will be debated in the House of Commons and changes made.

We are urging everyone to write in to their local Members of Parliament to express their support and encourage them to add their signature to the EDM.

To make this easier the following link to the Cornwall Seal Group website has a template letter with further information available for you to use to personalise it.

The link also directs you to a listing of all currently signed up MPs, but even if yours is already signed up then don't let that stop you from making your voice heard for our seals and their welfare!
The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary
10th April 2009