Sea Life Sanctuary awash with Baby Seahorses
The Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary enjoyed a record week for seahorse births this week…with broods emerging everyday Monday to Thursday.

By mid-day yesterday staff estimated there were 200 baby 'slender seahorses' and another 70-or-so baby 'big bellied seahorses' swimming around with their respective parents in their display tanks.

Another adult male slender seahorse is expected to produce yet another brood of off-spring any day.

"Something has triggered a breeding frenzy and it's all happening all at once," said aquarist Kat Muirhead.    "This is the biggest baby boom we've ever had," she added.
Baby Seahorses
The biggest of the miniscule infants is only about five millimetres, and Kat and her colleagues will have their work cut out feeding so many tiny hungry mouths.

"In the wild fewer than one in every hundred survive all the natural hazards they face, from hungry predators to strong currents and sudden temperature changes," she said.

"We hope to do much better than that, though in reality even in our carefully controlled displays we are unlikely to be able to rear more than a small percentage to maturity."

"We have a plentiful supply of brine shrimp and a larval food called artemia to feed them with, but with luck there will be plenty of microscopic plankton in the water that we draw from Loch Creran to top up their tanks with."

Meanwhile visitors are already enjoying the challenge of seeing how many of the new arrivals they can spot.
Issued by The Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary
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Press Release date: 8th August 2008

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