Young Seal Fan Books Ticket To Junior SEA LIFE Conference

Tierney Carter An 11-year-old Oban girl is to represent the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary at Britain's first National Junior SEA LIFE Conference.

Tierney Carter, of Bonawe answered an appeal to find a local delegate with a letter telling of her concern about the shooting of Scottish seals.

Tierney will now work with SEA LIFE's Claire Rowlands to put a presentation together for the Conference at Birmingham's Hilton Hotel on 15th and 16th of July 2008.

On a visit to the Centre to meet Claire and lay plans for July, Tierney became the first official signatory of a new SEA LIFE network conservation petition.
SEA LIFE Centres are determined to stem the needless slaughter of millions of 'innocent victims' of commercial fishing operations.

The death toll includes species like sharks, sea turtles and porpoises, all captured in nets or on lines set for other quarry.

It now also includes millions of immature fish like cod and sea bass, which are too small to be legitimately taken to market, but which invariably die as a result of capture in spite of being eventually thrown back overboard.

"There are devices now available, and measures that can be taken, to cut down the carnage and perhaps save some of the more threatened species from disappearing from our seas altogether," said Claire.
Tierney Carter and Claire Rowlands
Tierney was only too pleased to accept the honour of heading up the Sanctuary's petition, as well as being its delegate to the Junior SEA LIFE Conference.
National SEA LIFE Centre in Birmingham Tierney collected her own petition at school opposing the shooting of seals by some Scottish fishermen and fish farmers.

In July she will be joined by nine other young delegates from around the UK, meeting up at the National SEA LIFE Centre, Birmingham, for a tour before attending a special Conference Dinner on the evening of July 15th.
Hilton Metropole Hotel
Special guests will include representatives of wildlife and conservation charities and a mystery celebrity from the world of wildlife television.

The presentations the next day will cover a range of critical marine conservation and welfare subjects from whaling and seal culling to the erosion of coral reefs.

All the collected signatures from SEA LIFE's new 'Innocent Victims' petition, including those from 16 other European SEA LIFE centres and one in California will be presented next year to the United Nations Committee on Fisheries urging it to use its influence to get the new measures employed as widely as possible.
The Campaign is the latest cause to be championed by the SEA LIFE network under the umbrella of it's own environmental and conservation programme SOS (Save Our Seas).

The Junior SEA LIFE Conference is another SOS project, and is successful is likely to become an annual event.

"It's a chance for the younger generation to air their concerns about our fragile marine environment and maybe have an influence on the kind of marine world their own children will be able to enjoy in the future," said Claire.
Issued by The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Claire Rowlands on 01631 720386
Press Release date: 5th May 2008

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