Sanctuary Employs 'Strong Arm' Tactics
to Feed Giant Octopus
A strict feeding regime has had to be introduced for a new resident at the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary...after he tried to haul a staff member into his tank!

The Giant Pacific Octopus newly ensconced in a large cylinder tank at the Sanctuary clearly doesn't know his own strength. And when slightly built aquarist Hannah Thomas stooped over the top to feed him a tasty crab, he latched onto her arm along with the crab and very nearly dragged her in with it.
An image of a Giant Pacific Octopus
"He's not the slightest bit aggressive and there was no question of him wanting to hurt Hannah," explained colleague Karen Richmond.

"But with those large suckers on his tentacles his grip is vice-like, and with his hind tentacles anchored to rockwork in the tank he almost had the leverage to pull her under," she added.

The huge cephalopod - the biggest octopus species in the oceans - has now been christened Arnie after Arnold Schwarzenegger in light of his powerful strength.

The incident was a rude reception for young Hannah, 21 year-old aquarist, originally from Llanrwst in Wales, who was also very new to the Sanctuary.
Hannah Thomas "It was a little bit scary for a few seconds," she admits, "but I think Arnie realised his mistake quite quickly and relaxed his grip just enough to let me pull free...but without letting go of the crab."

The Sanctuary team is taking no chances, however, and henceforth Arnie's feeding will be carried out exclusively by aquarist Gareth Harriman, whose bulkier physique should ensure he doesn't end up joining Arnie in his watery domain.
Issued by The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary
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Press Release date: 2nd April 2010