ZETA was rescued on 2nd December 2002
Catherine Zeta Jones "Zeta" was rescued by the RSPCA on the 2nd of December 2002 from Braunton Burrows, Devon. She had a superficial wound to the top of her head and a puncture wound to the left hand side of her pelvis. After treatment, Zeta was transferred to the sanctuary on the 29th January 2003. She now needs to put on approximately 10kg and she will soon be ready for release.

IVOR was rescued on 2nd December 2002
Ivor was rescued on the 2nd of December 2002 by the RSPCA. He had a small wound to the let hand side of his nose and was underweight. He is a very shy character, not at all confident and is extremely flighty. The Animal Care Team hope that this fear of humans etc will stand him in good stead for when he is returned to the sea, as he will more or less be guaranteed to keep out of the way.

FINCH was rescued on 4th February 2003
Finch a rescued pup Finch was rescued by the Animal Care Team on the 4th of February 2003 from Praa Sands, South Cornwall. He had a large wound to the top of his tail and various puncture wounds to his body and flippers. His breathing was also fairly marked.

After using a fluorescent dye in his eyes, small scratches were observed.
He is on a course of antibiotics and eye drops and as he is eating readily for himself, he should soon be strong enough to join the other pups in the main pool.