Zara Phillips was rescued on 30th September 2011
Zara Phillips arrived at the Sanctuary on 30th September 2011 from Boscastle, due to the location of the pup it was decided that a phone call to members of the north Cornwall volunteers of the BDMLR could get to the pup faster than us and they headed out to check on the pup.

They found that the pup had been abandoned by its mother, was malnourished and thought to be around 10 days old. A call was made to the Animal Care Team at the Sanctuary and they recommended that the pup be brought straight to the Sanctuary.

Photo (right) of Zara Phillips was taken by Michelle Robinson of the BDMLR.
Zara Phillips - photo by Michelle Robinson
Zara Phillips At the hospital the pup was weighed and found to be 14 kilos with puncture wounds to its body and a graze to chin, and over 50% oil coverage. The wounds were cleaned and treated and the pup was started on a course of antibiotics.

Update: 6th October 2011 - Zara Phillips is doing well and is now in the main hospital, hopefully over the next few days, she will start to eat fish and be able to have water in her pen.
Update: 22nd October 2011 - Photo right of Zara Phillips was taken on 19th October 2011 in the main hospital's pen number 1, she currently weighs 14kg.
Her flipper tag number is 04 (green).   Click here to see further photos.

Update: 28th October 2011 - Zara was visited by vet earlier today. She was given the all clear as her eye ulcer has cleared up. She went into water today and loves it, chasing her flippers.

Zara Phillips
Zara Phillips on 28th December 2011 Update: 23rd November 2011 - Zara is now in the outside nursery pool 4 for her next stage of rehabilitation which will include introducing her to other seals and teaching her how to feed and fend for herself.

Update: 1st January 2012 - Photo left of Zara was taken in the convalescent pool on 28th December 2011.     Click here to see further photos.
Update: 6th February 2012 - Zara Phillips was released back into the wild at Gwithian beach on 3rd February 2012 along Lola Bella, Boudicca, Basil Fawlty, Sapphire and Blue Topaz.

Photo right of Zara Phillips was taken by Sue Sayer of the Cornwall Seal Group during the release.
Photo of Zara Phillips was taken by Sue Sayer
Seal Release on 3rd February 2012 - photos by Daniel Murphy Photo left of the pups coming out of the trailer was taken by Daniel Murphy.
Click here to see a collage of Daniel´s photos taken during the release
of the seal pups.

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