WRIGGLE - Rescued 25th October 2004

Wriggle - photo by Dan Jarvis Wriggle was rescued from Mousehole, near Newlyn in the early hours of the 25th October 2004. The couple who had found and reported the pup had waited for the BDMLR to arrive, so they could show them where the pup was on the beach. Wriggle was high up on the beach, next to a path that skirts the top of the beach, frequently used by dog walkers. Despite being alert, the pup showed no intention of moving away, she was underweight and had some minor puncture wounds to the rear half of her body, probably bite wounds.
Wriggle - photo by Dan Jarvis When the pup arrived at the Sanctuary, the Curator Glenn Boyle and Senior Animal Care Assistant Tamara Cooper carried out a clinical assessment of the pup and found it to have a few more minor puncture wounds to its rear flippers and a tiny superficial wound on her left eye, she is now recuperating in an Isolation pen and is being treated for her wounds.

Wriggle has now been released back into the wild along with Taff, Cale and Esk in February 2005.